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Posts on why the King James Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God preserved for us. (also exposing the modern bible versions as perversions)

I am a King James Bible believing Mid-Acts Dispensationalist

James White caught in a lie! (Prov. 30:5-6) 

"The King James Only Controversy" by Trevin Wax

The King James Bible Versus the Modern versions. Article by Pastor David O'Steen

Is the King James Bible Inspired? Article by Pastor David O'Steen  

Is the Bible version issue non-essential?

Dr. Kent Hovind and Dr. Gail Riplinger Vs. James White

Burning the corrupt NIV perversion of the Bible (Pastor Steven Anderson)  

Daniel Wallace's disbelief in inspiration

James White's Confusion on Riplinger's "acrostic algebra"

Answering "The King James Version Only" by James Rochford 

"The Debate Over The King James Version" by Rick Wade
Geneva, Bishops, King James variants, and Apocrypha                  

KJB translators resources 

Three questions on authority.

The Bookstore Song (KJB)
NKJV errors and corruption                        

Archeology/history vs Bible preservation 

Common questions about the KJV Only position

Is 1 John 5:7 authentic?

Name someone with degrees that believes 1 John 5:7


Perversions (Part 2) 

NIV Omissions (Part 1)

NIV Omissions (Part 2)

When did God promise to preserve His word in English?

Attributes of the living word of God.  

Hoss's guide to Biblical interpretation: what saith the scriptures? 

Alexander Campbell the Bible perverter

Ron Daly's attack on the KJV (Satyr, Dragon, Unicorn) 

Critique of the King James Only Controversy (James White) by Dr. Thomas Holland

Introducing a pastor to "King James Onlyism"

Corrupt bibles, "Morning Star" in Isaiah 14:12

James White's "The King James Only Controversy"

Refuting "It's time to retire the KJV" heresy. 

Herb Evans King James Scoreboard 

Superman fell this time. 

Critique of the King James Only Controversy (part 1)

Critique of the King James Only Controversy (part 2)

Critique of the King James Only Controversy (part 3)

Critique of the King James Only Controversy (part 4)

Critique of the King James Only Controversy (part 5) 

NIV can't translate "Hebros"

Is Acts 12:4 "Easter" a mistranslation?

Romans 8:1 Manuscript Evidence

"A clear exposition of Psalms 12 as a whole"

Why I don't trust Siniaticus and Vaticanus

Herb Evans on "Easter" in Acts 12:4  

2 Peter 1:1 and Titus 2:13

Manuscript evidence. James White corrects the Hebrew/Greek with the English!

Herb Evans on the NKJV vs KJB 

Hoss vs Mr. Nobible, are there errors in the King James Bible?

"Posses" in Luke 18:12 (KJV)  

Questions for the anti-KJV. 

James R. White's request (three supposed errors in the KJV) 

Hudson's questions answered.

Where was the word of God before 1611?  

The word "calvary" in the King James Bible.

"Archaic words" in the King James Bible.

Why I won't use an ESV.

Is "King James Onlyism" in the Bible? Answering another Scholarship Only advocate.

Hoss vs another Bible corrector (Luke 2:33 discussion)

Hoss vs Rick Norris (Happy Easter! Acts 12:4) 

The new "gender inclusive" ESV. 

Churches or temples? Acts 19:37 KJV   

ESV Ephesians critiqued. ESV vs KJV 

Hoss vs Doug Kutilek "The Best Cure for KJVOism"

Hoss vs Doug Kutilek, Colossians 1:14

Hoss vs Doug Kutilek, preservation of scripture.

Message sent to Doug Kutilek

Doug Kutilek loses debate.

James White finally goes to the KJV

"devils" or "demons". KJV  

1 Corinthians 16:2, who prospers you?

ESV Romans compared to the KJV.

Catholics and modern "bible" versions

Is your bible a Catholic "bible"

The Catholic text behind the modern versions

ESV vs KJV, Titus-Philemon 

The "Modern English Version" 2014 critiqued

"Archaic" word in the KJV: Besom.

ESV diminshing the word of God

Colossians 1:14 manuscript evidence 


Manuscript Evidence for commonly disputed verses in the King James Bible.

Is Your Bible the Right One?

Hoss vs DiVietro: reply to the KJV Only Debate Blog (italic words in the KJV)

Hoss vs Penfold: Is the King James Version Perfect?  

"Important resources for the Bible student" by Ron Daly

"It Doesn't Read Like MY King James Version" by Ron Daly  

Erik DiVietro: Closet Roman Catholic?

James White's Attack on John 14:14  

Modern Versions corrupt Galatians 2:20

Modern Versions corrupt 1 Corinthians 3:10  

A critique of James R. White's "Alpha and Omega" ministries 

Being a Bible believer 

Dear Dr. John, where is my Bible? by Herb Evans 

Did Christ "challenge" the word of God? 

NASB/ESV/HCSB corrupt Psalms 101:3 

Jame$ White NA$B critical con$ultant

Where are James White's "inspired Scriptures"?

Modern paraphrase versions teach false gospel of baptismal regeneration 

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