Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dispensational Differences--Bible Study Time

NASA scientists find chemical "capable" of forming cell membranes on Saturns moon


"The detection of this elusive, astrobiologically relevant chemical is exciting for scientists who are eager to determine if life could develop on icy worlds such as Titan," said NASA scientist Martin Cordiner.

What is really interesting is that the so called "science" of astrobiology still has nothing to study. 'Astro' means pertaining to outerspace (greek: astron = star) and 'bio' means life...but there is no life in outer space. "Astrobiology" is a joke. It's like having paleontology in a world without fossils. Non existent. An "astrobiologist" is NOT a scientist, they're a conspiracy theorist aluminum-hat-wearing atheist looking for aliens. Notice the word "could" in the above quote, it's complete speculation, not facts. The fact is that Titan has a chemical on it that "could" form a structure "similar" to the lipid bilayer that makes up a cell membrane. 

From the article : "On Titan, scientists believe the compound could form a flexible but stable structure similar to the lipid bilayers the makeup cell membranes on Earth."

These "scientists" believe that Titan is around 1,000,000,000 
years old, so why hasn't a cell membrane been found yet? If 
a cell was going to evolve, a billion years should be plenty of time to do it. The problem is Acrylonitrile is just one piece in the puzzle that makes up a cell. No one has ever even came CLOSE to finding all that is needed to form a cell. Not only that, even if you did have all that was needed to form a cell, the chemicals aren't just going to magically come together and become a cell. Scientists cannot and never will develop a reasonable model of how a cell could form naturally, and especially not in outer space. Astrobiology is a myth straight out of science fiction.