Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jame$ White NA$B critical con$ultant

James R. White was a critical con$ultant for the New American $tandard Bible 1995 Update revision.

James R. White was the author of the anti-KJB book The King James Only Controversy. Guess what year it came out? Yep, 1995.

Why would anyone trust what James White has to say about bible versions and the inspiration of the KJB when he is totally bia$ed! Nobody knew who this guy was until he published his book attacking the King James Bible believing position, then "Bible" (LOL) Colleges started recommending his book and he got famous. Totally bia$ed! Huge conflict of intere$t.

KJB believers do not make money off the KJB, our position is based on the facts and not our wallet or endorsements. [Believing the Bible in our hands is totally pure and without error does not help us make money or win us any special recognition from anybody]

--Eli Caldwell

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