Sinner's Prayer = False Gospel

Statement on prayer and salvation 

"The Sinner's Prayer" (independent, fundamental Baptist preaching)

Calling upon the name of the Lord: Romans 10:9-13 

Dr. Ruckman on Hyper Dispensationalism and the sinner's prayer 

"Turning from sin" or change of mind?  
More Baptist Baloney

God Heareth Not Sinners

John Davis, Time For a False Gospel (Part 1) 

John Davis, Time For a False Gospel (Part 2) 

John Davis, Time for Truth, answers sinner's prayer questions

John Davis TfT Acts 2:38 confusion                                    
Time for "Truth" not very honest                                    
Questions for "sinner's prayer" Baptists                        
John Davis contradicting himself                                  
Post's on the sinner's prayer and Romans 10:9-13           
The Gospel of the Grace of God vs the wanderings of John Davis (Part 1)
The Gospel of the Grace of God vs the wanderings of John Davis (Part 2) 
The Gospel of the Grace of God vs the wanderings of John Davis (Part 3)
John Davis's reply to posts                                              
John Davis's apology for plagiarizing Dr. Ruckman (
Baptist evangelist says that faith is not enough for salvation

The "close to the Bible" Baptists 

Close doesn't count, except in horseshoes

Critique of the Baptist "Church" origin                         
Critique of the Baptist "Church" false gospel                     
Baptist false gospel: Surrender your life to Christ?           
The Baptist false gospel: the "Sinner's prayer"        

O foolish Landmark Baptists
Question for Baptists: Why do we need the "sinner's prayer"? 
Since I am a "Stammite"...(Romans 10:9-13) 

"The Value of One" or the Value of a False Gospel?
"Altar call" Exposed                                                     

"Altar call" Exposed (Part 2)  

Why come to an "altar"...

1 John 1:9 in dispensational context 

Baptist/Catholic Confessional Exposed                        
The Baptist false gospel: David Cloud, Lester Roloff, Charles Spurgeon
Critique of the Baptist Faith 

How to go to hell....Baptist style. 

False gospel in Chick Publications tracts 

Robert Breaker

The heresy of the sinner's prayer by Robert Breaker   

What it means to call upon the name of the Lord by Robert Breaker

The Sinner's Prayer by Robert Breaker (video)  

What about Romans 10:9-10? by Shawn Brasseaux 

What about the sinner's prayer? by Shawn Brasseaux 

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