I believe that the earth was created in six literal (24 hour) days and I reject the "day age theory", "theistic evolution", and the "gap theory" (Exod. 20:11, 31:17). 

"Evolution is the substance of fossils hoped for, the evidence of links not seen." --Dr. Duane Gish 

NASA's astrobiology

Dr. Kent Hovind vs LSU student on creation vs evolution

Refutation of Flat Earth stupidity

Definition of "flat" 

Religious Atheism

Evolution, science, and the Bible

Proof that Bill Nye the "science" guy is a fool

"One Less God" by Pastor Justin Johnson

Can you be a scientist and a creationist?  

Evolution is....
Living fossils disprove evolution

Distant star light and a young earth

Social Darwinism demonstrates wickedness behind Atheism  

Ken Ham and Jason Lisle VS Hugh Ross and Walter Kaiser on the John Ankerberg Show

Richard Dawkins speaks on the republican candidates

The corruption of Eric Hovind

Paul F. Taylor of Creation Today, WORKS salvation

Who were the sons of God in Genesis 6?

Why I reject the Gap Theory 

A critique of the Gap Theory

The Gap Theory and Lucifer's Fall  

Dr. Kent Hovind refuting the Gap Theory

What does "replenish" mean in Genesis 1:28

Clownfish evolution or intelligent design?

Richard Dawkins with foolish sign  

Evolution and the Big Bang sermon preached by Pastor Steven L. Anderson   

The exact age of the earth by Pastor Steven Anderson

Polystrate tree photos

The so called "Age of Dinosaurs" (CMI)


Evidence for a Young World

Ken Ham Vs Hugh Ross 

Creation's Tiny Mystery by Dr. Robert Gentry (radio halo evidence)  

In Six Days by Dr. John Ashton

Dr. Kent Hovind's Creation Seminar

Answers With Ken Ham

Ken Ham and Bryan Osborne Speak at Brainerd Baptist Church   

Dr. Ben Carson| Creation Vs Evolution

The Scientific argument against Evolution by Pastor Bryan Ross  

A Brief Conversation With "Open Air Atheist" by James White

Evolution Debunked

A Few Scientific Facts Recorded in the Bible by John Henry

The Errors of Evolution (John Davis--"Time for Truth")

Analysis of the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate 

Science vs Evolution by Vance Ferrell  

Creation Research Society

Dr. Kent Hovind 

Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham) 

Walt Brown In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood

The Institute For Creation Research 

Creation Ministries International

Scientists who believe in creation

Dr. Kent Hovind debates against evolutionists

Dr. Kent Hovind creation seminar

Ken Ham Answers in Genesis youtube

Ark Encounter Life Size Noah's Ark

Dr. Duane Gish vs Phil Donahue 

Dr. Duane Gish vs Ian Plimer


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