Campbellite "Church of Christ" heresy

The falsely so called "Church of Christ" is a cult denomination started by Thomas Campbell in the early 1800s and further popularized by his son, Alexander Campbell. They also had the help of Barton Stone and Walter Scott. This cult is very popular in the southern United States, but not anywhere else. They are known as "the Catholic Church of the South" because they believe that you must confess to one of their preachers and have one of them baptize you in order for you to be initially saved. After you go through this initiation process of confessing before a man, having him baptize you, and make a commitment to turn from all your sins, they believe that you MUST go to one of their churches and take the Lord's supper every week in order to stay saved. That is complete Roman Catholicism. 
They are also A-Millennialists, they do not believe that Christ will literally return to Earth and reign in Jerusalem 1,000 years. They believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is on Earth right now and that Satan is chained right now. They think Revelation 19-20 is a description of the present. 

The best books written against Campbellism are the works of Bob L. Ross (The Restoration Movement, Campbellism: Its History and Heresies, Walter Scott and Acts 2:38) and the booklet Why I am Not a Campbellite by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.  

If you want to see the Campbellite heresy in action, go to Steve Finnell's "A CHRISTIAN VIEW" blog or Aaron Erhardt at Erhardt Publications. 

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Do you really follow Jesus? 


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