KJV Defense books

The King James Bible Defended by Dr. Edward Hills

The Identity of the New Testament Text by Wilbur N. Pickering, ThM PhD

Crowned With Glory by Dr. Thomas Holland

The James White Controversy by Dr. Gail Riplinger (from Blind Guides)

The Arguments For Inerrancy and the King James Bible

Manuscript Evidence (Part 1) by Pastor Richard Jordan 

Manuscript Evidence (Part 2) by Pastor Richard Jordan 

A Tale of Three Cities by David Reagan 

The King James Only Controversy by James White Answered, by Hugo W.K. Schönhaar

Dr. Sam Gipp's The Answer Book (online book)

Dr. Sam Gipp's The Understandable History of Your Bible (online book) 

Which translation should you trust? By Timothy Morton (online book) 

New Age Bible Versions Tract by Gail Riplinger (online tract)

O'Biblios The Book by Dr. Alan O'Reilly (online book)  

A Creationist's Defense Of The King James Bible. By Henry Morris 

Fighting Back! By James Melton (online book) 

From the original texts to the English Bible, by Timothy Morton

New bibles and the New Age Movement, by Timothy Morton  

King James Bible Word List and Definitions, by Timothy Morton  

Missing in Modern Bibles by Jack Moorman 

Principles of Bible Preservation by Jack Moorman  

The New Eye Opener by J.J. Ray 

Manuscript Evidence by Thomas Holland  

Our Authorized Bible Vindicated by Benjamin Wilkinson (the info in this book is good, but the author himself was a Seventh Day Adventist..."so eat the meat and spit out the bones")


The Difference Is In The Dispensations, by Timothy Morton

Dispensationalism Misunderstood by Ken Blue (online booklet)

The Second Coming of Christ, by Clarence Larkin  

A.C. Gaebelein

SBCS Literature

Some Important Contrasts In The Bible You Should Know

Dispensational Synopsis Of The New Testament by Charles Baker 

Thing That Differ by Cornelius Stam

The Two Fold Purpose Of God by Cornelius Stam

True Spirituality by Cornelius Stam

Thessalonians by Cornelius Stam

Galatians: Law and Grace by Cornelius Stam

The Authors Choice by Cornelius Stam 

Romans by Cornelius Stam 

Pastoral Epistles by Cornelius Stam

1 Corinthians by Cornelius Stam

2 Corinthians by Cornelius Stam

Appendixes to Companion Bible (E.W. Bullinger)  

Complete Companion Bible (E.W. Bullinger)

Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth by C.I. Scofield 

Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin

The Second Coming Of Christ (Part 1), by Clarence Larkin

The Second Coming of Christ (Part 2), by Clarence Larkin

Mystery of the Ages by James Modlish

Other helpful books 

The Antichrist by A.W. Pink  

The Redeemer's Return by A.W. Pink

Profiting From The Word by A.W. Pink

Gleanings in Genesis by A.W. Pink  

Exposition of the Gospel of John by A.W. Pink

THE TWO BABYLONS by Alexander Hyslop 

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