Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dr. Kent Hovind and Dr. Gail Riplinger Vs James White

James White, a very dishonest guy.  



For further refutation of White's rubbish, see these articles..

The James White Controversy by Dr. Gail Riplinger (from Blind Guides) 

The King James Only Controversy by James White Answered, by Hugo W.K. Schönhaar

A public spanking to James White, by Cecil Carter

Especially read Dr. Alan O'Reilly's excellent critique of James White's book, The King James Only Controversy. Very detailed, 818 pages. You can read it at John Davis's Time For Truth website  

Also get a copy of Dr. Peter Ruckman's The Scholarship Only Controversy.

Image 1

Or Dr. Thomas Holland's review

Image 1 

Then there is Dr. Kirk DiVietro's critique as well... 

Image 1

James White and the Big Deal KJV Video Series - Dr. Sam Gipp               

What's the big deal with James White? by Pastor Steven Anderson  

Pastor Steven Anderson and Dr. James White interview    

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