Sunday, February 21, 2016

Time For "Truth" not very honest

"The idea behind this is that ‘prayer’ is a ‘work’, & you’re not saved by ‘works’ (Eph 2v8+9). These HERETICS state that all you need to do to get saved is ‘assent’ (the expression of approval or agreement) to the fact that Christ died for you & ‘THANK God’ for having already forgiven your sins. Of course there are all kinds of things wrong with that erroneous teaching; not the least of which is that giving thanks to God for having already saved you IS A PRAYER, therefore a ‘work’ in their eyes! (See the hypocrisy!)" [TfT News Issue 77 ]

John Davis failed to supply a quote from me where I said any of those things. In fact, he did not quote me in the entire article. 

John Davis knows 100% what I believe about salvation, that it is by faith alone in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Anyone who stops trusting their own righteousness and puts their faith in Christ and His shed blood is instantaneously and eternally saved from sin (Rom. 3:19-27, 4:1-5, 5:1, 10:1-4, Eph. 1:13). Contrary to what John Davis accused me of, I have said many times that believing in Christ as a mentally assented fact will not save you, only a heart belief in the sacrificial work of Christ will. Before I got saved I believed in Christ because my parents always told me about Him and I believed them, but that did not save me. I did not get saved until I heard the gospel of Christ from the word of God, knowing that I was dead in my sins and then trusting Christ's shed blood (Rom. 3:21-26). 

But John Davis knew that already, he has apparently read my testimony and what I believe about salvation. He purposefully lied about what I believed because he did not want to deal with the facts...that I believe the Bible teaches salvation is by faith alone and he does not (and he admits his position is not in the Bible). 

Time for "Truth" is a very dishonest organization. --Eli Caldwell

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  1. Hi Eli,
    Many of us have shared the same experience with John Davis. I wrote to him confidentially, in e-mails,which he later posted without my consent and twisted, took out of context, cut and pasted inaccurately and spun to his own dishonest agenda. He spent 3 pages slandering me and misrepresenting what I said and stood for. All the marks of an unsaved person. It reminded me of Jeremiah 7:24; Ezekiel 3:19; 33:9 & Romans 1:28-32.



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