Wednesday, February 24, 2016

John Davis TfT Acts 2:38 confusion

It is hard to tell what Mr. Davis believes, he contradicts himself too many times. Is Acts 2:38 the gospel of the grace of God that we believe today, or is it the gospel of the kingdom that ceased to be preached when Israel fell?

If you believe Acts 2v38 is the Gospel FOR TODAY, you are a DODO!!!
"If you preach & teach Acts 2v38 as the Gospel for today, you ought to quit the ministry & become a lollypop lady! Christians who think that Acts 2v38 is the plan of salvation for today, are so shallow in the Scriptures that they ought to go back to Sunday school & enroll again. One very shallow lady who is in a CULT, recently emailed telling me that she is trusting Acts 2v38 to get her to Heaven! I told her that when she died she would GO TO HELL! If you are trusting Acts 2v38 to get you to Heaven, you will land up IN HELL! ‘Works’ has NO PART of salvation or justification in this dispensation! If you don’t get that, you need help! Christians who teach that Acts 2v38 IS the plan of salvation for today, are so shallow in the Scriptures that they would drown in the skin of a bowl of rice pudding! Folks, I am constantly amazed at just how dumb Christians can be & how little they read their Bibles!"
(Time for Truth News! Issue 72 July-October 2014)

"Those baptized in Acts 2v38-41 still received the gift of the Holy Ghost and were saved as anyone having salvation today, 3000 being added unto them i.e. the apostles, Acts 2v41."
(Tim for Truth News! Issue 75 April-May 2015)

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