Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Creed of the Brider Cult.

This is the creed of every Brider, Hyper-Baptist, and Herbite. 

1.) The final authority on how the scripture should be interpreted is what we can find in Baptist history. If any interpretation is against our Baptist fathers then it is a cult and we must reject it. Our Baptist fathers were right about everything and they are my authority.

2.) The word church means "body of Christ" in the New Testament. Unless the New Testament is referring to a church in the Old Testament (Acts 7:38), in that case the meaning of the word "church" changes.

3.) The entire New Testament is written directly to me and it is all talking about me. No scripture has been provided for Tribulation saints. 

4.) There is only one gospel in the entire New Testament.

5.) "Rightly dividing" (II Timothy 2:15) only means to divide the New Testament from the Old Testament.

6.)There are thousands of bodies of Christ in existent because local Baptist churches are the body of Christ.

7.) Each Baptist church is its own body of Christ. 

8.) Only the local Baptist churches are in the body of Christ; each local Baptist church is one body of Christ. 

9.) When I start a church I am actually starting a body of Christ. 

10.) When I water baptize someone by immersion I am putting someone in the body of Christ that I started myself. 

11.) No one is complete in Christ at the moment of salvation.

12.) There are two classes of Christians, a hierarchy. 

13.) When someone believes the gospel and gets saved, they must do good works to achieve the full standing in Christ....that standing which I have already obtained by joining a church and getting baptized.

14.) I am one of the elite Christians because I have done the good works and I am a Baptist, a lot of Christians are below me in rank.

15.) Christ's death on the cross "abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances" only to create new ordinances....water baptism and church membership.  Without doing the good works you still do not get in the body of Christ and you are at the bottom of the hierarchy. 

16.) If I start a body of Christ, which is a local Baptist church, I can then water baptize people and vote them in to allow them to come into my body of Christ. I am in control, I can always kick them out of the assembly "for the destruction of the flesh" (1 Cor. 5:5) in which I am cutting off a member of the body of Christ. Only my fellow Baptists and I have this power, we have no equals in spirituality or standing in Christ.

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