Wednesday, April 16, 2014

James White "is not against the KJV".

Checkout this website, it is a very good Bible believing website. It also gives James White a good kick in the pants every once in awhile. 

Also note, James White said in his piece of trash The King James Only Controversy that he was not "anti KJV". He also says it in the video that Bro. Staggs reviewed.  

Really??? James White is not anti King James Bible? Does he write 271 page books attempting to disprove every translation as the word of God? No......he picks on ONE Book--the King James Bible. He never wrote a book called the New International Version Only Controversy. No, he is against the KJB. 

If I picked up an ESV and said "this is the inspired word of God" James White would be trying to expose all the errors in the ESV. James White is against One Bible Onlyism more than anything, but that "One Bible" that he is against just so happened to be the King James Bible.

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