Thursday, October 29, 2015

Clownfish evolution or intelligent design?

Today I had to take an Environmental Science Test (can't wait till I graduate). One of the questions contained this information with it, "Clownfish have evolved resistance to the deadly stings of sea anemones. The sea anemone provides protection for the clownfish from predators and leaves the uneaten remains of its prey for the clownfish to finish off. Meanwhile the clownfish helps attract prey to the sea anemone with its bright colors". That is amazing, that 'information' took the science out of  Environment Science Class. Science is suppose to be testable and demonstrable fact or hypothesis, not opinions and religious beliefs. There are no facts to back up the statement "Clownfish have evolved resistance to the deadly stings of sea anemones". To anyone who believes this, I would like to ask them the following questions....

1.) How did clownfish "evolve" this resistance?

2.) Can you prove (or even guess) when in time clownfish "evolved" this resistance? 

3.) Do you have fossils or proofs of clownfish in the past who did not have this resistance? (there are only a few fossilized anemones in existence)

4.) When did the clownfish find out that it had evolved this resistance? 

It is true that animals can obtain better traits given the right environment. For example, everyone knows that some roaches developed resistance to pesticides through natural selection, the few roaches that had higher resistance to pesticides survived exterminations. When these few resistant roaches survived, they passed on these desirable traits to their offspring. Now we have roach populations that are resistant to some pesticides. Could this principle also apply to a clownfish though? Did the original clownfish kind swim into anemones until all of them died except for a remnant that had a heightened resistance to it? Did this then leave a handful of resistant clownfish that past these traits on to their offspring? Of course not, that is nonsense. Clownfish would not just keep swimming into anemones and dying....and there is no other way that a community of clownfish could obtain such a trait. (at least not that I can think of)

The fact is, anemones have tentacles with stinging capsules (nematocysts) on them which they use to kill prey. You cannot exactly "evolve" a "resistance" to a harpoon-like stinger...That would be like saying that in the middle ages certain soldiers developed resistance to spears! However, how can anyone (fish or human) resist a stinger/spear? Armor....which is what the clownfish uses. Like many species of fish, the clownfish has skin that produces a slick mucus that keeps the stinger from harming it. Secondly, this layer of mucus did not evolve, it had to have been designed by a Creator (Gen. 1:1). Fish mucus is not an "evolved" secondary trait, it is very important and serves multiple functions. This mucus produced from the cells in the fish can regulate body functions, protect against parasites, increase swimming speed, and allow the chemical molecules in the fishes skin to circulate when breathing through their gills and skin. By the way, clownfish are not the only fish that have mucus, many of them do. Parrotfish will form a bubble of mucus around itself to stay protected from predators. Other fish produce toxins with their mucus that will deter predators from biting them....others even feed their mucus to their young! Very nasty, but it works.  

But...."Clownfish have evolved resistance to the deadly stings of sea anemones". That is unscientific, irrational, illogical, nonsense.

Anyone who has any knowledge of fish should have known this. The Environmental Science Test I took is obviously designed by ignorant, biased evolutionist that have to insert their religion where ever they can. USA Test Prep (which is where the test was designed) could never get away with putting that in their test if they produced college level studies. Perhaps they get all their information about clownfish from watching Finding Nemo...

Finding Nemo - Finding Nemo Image (3562401) - Fanpop

--Eli Caldwell

"And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind..." Genesis 1:21

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